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All Tecno Mobile phones Tested Firmware 100% Working

Assalaamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

To ease the searching all over sharifphonesolutions.com while looking for a certain Tecno FIRMWARE, we have decided to collect all the files we have been sharing here into one post and in case you need the firmware, just Type TECNO in the search and find it here.

Be it android or feature phone, just make sure you have installed all the necessary tools and drivers in your PC and start to enjoy.

First identify your phone using either Miracle box, Cm2 Mt2/Mtk 1.58, Nck dongle/box, UMT MTK module, Eft dongle, and many more available MTK tools to know exactly which build matches your phone before you spoil or brick it with either lower or higher build numbers. The build number is that (V) with a figure which comes after the date, month and year the FIRMWARE was released; e.g.

This Tecno is CD6J and its Build is V086

Here is a List of The FIRMWARE we have so far shared and others we haven’t shared but we have them uploaded;

Tecno Spark 7 MT6761 V464 KF6H Firmware Link

Tecno F1/F1 pro MT6580 8.1.0 V6-V23 Firmware Link

Tecno F2 MT6580 7.0 V15 FIRMWARE

Tecno F3/F3 pro Pop1/Pop1 Pro MT6580 7.0 FIRMWARE

Tecno S6S MT6580 7.0 V10 Firmware

Tecno W1 V6 MT6580 7.0 Firmware

Tecno W2 MT6580 6.0 FIRMWARE V19 and V39

Tecno W3 MT6580 6.0 V117 Firmware

Tecno W4 V10 MT6580 6.0 Firmware

Tecno W5 Lite Mt6580 6.0 V376 Firmware

Tecno W5 MT6737 6.0 V230 Firmware

Tecno CD6J MT6765 10 V086 Firmware

Tecno CD8J V187 MT6765 10 FIRMWARE

Tecno P703 V56 Firmware

Tecno P904 V62 Firmware

Tecno P701 1.4GB firmware

Tecno LB6 V336 firmware

Tecno KA7 MT6580 V221 8.1 Firmware

Tecno POP2 B1 MT6580 V217 7.0 Firmware

Tecno Pop2 Power B1P MT6580 8.1.0 Firmware

Tecno Pop 2F B1F MT6580 8.1.0 Tested Firmware

Tecno Pop2 Plus BA2 8.1.09 MT6580 Firmware

Tecno Pop2 Pro B2 MT6580 8.1.0 Firmware

Tecno Pop 2s B1S MT6580 8.1.0 Firmware

Tecno Pop3 Plus BB4 MT6761 Firmware

Tecno Pop3 BB2 MT6580 8.1.0 Firmware

Tecno LE6-MT6768-H6222CDEFG-R-GL-211106V242

Tecno BD2P-SP613DEF-RGO-OP-211120V9

Tecno BD2-SP613ABC-QGo-OP-210417V006

Tecno BB2-VP572DE-QGo-OP-211208V013

Tecno BB2-VP572DE-QGO-OP-210507V009

Tecno LC7-11-H6116BCF-R-GL-211108V1274

Tecno KG6-11-H6219PQRV-RGo-GL-211220V403

Tecno Spark 7P-5.0-KF7J-H696RTAjAK-R-OP-20210727

Tecno BA2-8.1.0-H8027ABC-0Go-200529V416

Tecno BD3-11-WZ802AB-RGo-OP-210617V015

Tecno BC2-10-VP592AB-QGo-201216V011

Tecno CAMON Mt6582-Alps-M26-5.0-LRX21M

Tecno KF7J-H696RTAjAK-R-OP-210507V373

Tecno CG6-H696UVW-R-OP-210419V385

Tecno KB8-H624BNPQ-Q200513V780

Tecno CD7-10-H6214ABDE-Q-GL-211201V787

Tecno BD2d-VP613DEF-RGo-OP-211206V6

Tecno LE6-H6222CDEFG-R-GL-211014V173

Tecno CC6-H627HIJ-P-190911V134

Tecno CC9-H626FGH-P-200508V308

Tecno KE7-H693GHIJKM-Q-GL-200729V150

Tecno LE6H-F062-11.O-GL-V032-20211230

Tecno CH6-H6912D-R-OP-210903V185

Tecno CH7-H812F-R-OP-211217V469

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