Assalaamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone.

With great pleasure, we would wish to let you know that all the latest full Nvram[NV system] that will help you fix your network issues, Invalid/null Imei, Unknown baseband, for Tecno new models like Ci6, CH7, CH6, CG6, KG5P, KG5J, KG7H, BD1, BC3, KD6, KF7J, Ci8, CHE, INFINIX X6817, X6819, X690, X6511G, X663, X655, NOKIA G10 TA-1334, And many more have been shared here ALL TESTED NVRAM FILES AND LATEST SOLUTIONS

In case a clone firmware you are looking and is not here should be checked from this folder of ALL CLONE FIRMWARE 1OO% TESTED

For All your tested MDM files for Tecno, Infinix, Itel, Samsung, E.g: A032F, A035F, A135F, A02S, A03S, A10S, CH6, X6819, A115F, And many more trending phones, just one click here ALL MDM TESTED FILES AND SOLUTIONS

However, whoever is unable to root and would wish to get a tested root file for his phones should get all the ROOT FILES with one click.

That is all for now and we are sorry for the many ads that popup when you try to get your links. We shall soon sort them out. In Shaa Allah

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