All The latest Samsung, Tecno, Itel, Infinix, Realme, Huawei, and many more models firmWARE shared in One post.

Assalaamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh dear siblings.

We once again wish to Remind you that All your latest Flash files for all the Tecno phones, Itel, Infinix, Huawei, Redmi, Samsung, Feature phones, Clone firmware, Alcatel and many more have been shared and readily available and accessible.

Tecno BE7, BE6, KF7J, KH7, KH7n, CE7n, CE7, CH7, Ci6, CH7n, BD2D, BD3, BD4, BD2P, BD1, BD2, CG7, CG8, AC8, BC1S, BC3, BC2, BB4K, BB2, BB4, BA2, BC2C, CB7, CB7J, CC7S, CD6, CD6S, CD8, CD6J, CD8J, CE9H, CF7K, CG7N, CG6J, KG5J, KG5K, CH8H, CH6H, CH6N, CH7N, CH9, CH9N, KB2H, KC2J, KC3, KC6S, KD6A, KD7S, KD7H, KE5J, KE5S, KE6, KE6J, KE7, KF6H, KF6I, KF6J, KF6N, KF6M, KF6P, KG7H, KG7N and many more are all shared in this very Segment.

And All your Infinix FIRMWARE can be fetched from this link for all the latest Models and old ones like PR652B, PR652C, X510, X5 22, X551, X554, X557, X559, X521, X553, X550, X571, X572, X573, X603, X604, X601, X605, X606, X606B, X606C, X608, X609, X610B, X612B, X620B, X622, X623, X624, X625C, X626, X627, X626B, X650, X650B, X650C, X650D, X652, X652C, X653, X655, X655F, X655D, X656, X657, X657B, X657C, X658B, X658E, X659B, X660, X660B, X660C, X662, X663B, X665, X665B, X675, X680, X680B, X680C, X680D, X680E, X682B, X682C, X683, X683B, X687, X688B, X688C, X689B, X689C, X689D, X689F, X690, X690B, X692, X693, X695, X695C, X695D, X697, X698, X5010, X6810, X5515, X5516, X6511B, X6511G, And many more.

All latest Itel phones FIRMWARE, both featured and Smart Phones like A11, A12, A14, A14 MAX, A14S, A15, A15R, A16, A16 PLUS, A16S, A21, A22, A23, A23A, A23R, A23S, A25, A31, A32F, A33, A40, A41, A42, A42 PLUS, A44, A44 POWER, A45, A51, A52, A52B, A52LITE, A52SLITE, A56, A509W, A571L, A571W, A611W, A661W, L5002, L5006S, L5007, L5006C, L5006P, L5007S, L6002P, L6003P, L6004, L6004L, L6005, L6006, L6006S, L6006F, L6501, L6502, L6502S, L6503, A510W, P36 PR0, P36(W6501), P651W, P661W, P651L, P681L, P681LM, S661W, S661L, And more models

When it comes to Samsung phones FIRMWARE, like A015F, A022F, A013G, A032F, A035F, A035M, A037F, A107F, A105F, A202F, A205F, A207F, A025F, A115F, A505F, A505FN, A125F, A127F, A217F, A135F, A225F, A235F, A325F, A705F, A305F, G532F, G935F, G935V, G925F, G925P, G900F, G930F, G920F, and many more latest models.

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