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smartphone board repair

We repair all models of Smartphone. We have a team of highly skilled engineers, with a vast experience of Smartphone repairs.

We can fix anything from simple to complex problems such as Audio Jack Socket broken/Camera Faulty, Headphones / earpiece jack worn socket out, Phone Antenna signals, Not powering up faults, Charging Port Failure, Battery Failure, Water Damage and so much more.

With all the best equipment at hand we can carry out fully guaranteed, cost effective repairs using only genuine hardware replacement parts.

unlocking Services

“Unlocking” means that your handset will accept any sim card and is totally legal.

Please note that this is different to “unblocking” which is illegal. A mobile phone is blocked by the mobile phone operators when it has been reported lost or stolen.

We are specialists at “Unlocking” all models of SmartphoneWe have made the process for repairs very simple, for details about how it works  please contact us.

We treat your personal data with the utmost respect, privacy and security.

smartphone firmware

software updating Services

Software updates are like oil changes and tune-ups for your phone or tablets – they keep things running smoothly. They also help improve the user interface, enhance security, and remove minor bugs. We recommend updating the software whenever a new version is available so you can make sure your device stays in tip-top shape. At Sharif Phone solutions we help you out with that issue.

phone repair

motherboard repair

We like to keep things simple here at Sharif Phone Solutions, this is why we offer fixed price repairs on all Smartphone motherboard/logic board/pcb replacement. We are experts in motherboard repairs and offer all types of micro and nano soldering repair services nationwide. Whether the phone is dead and does not power due to board failure, or you want your internal components on the circuit board repairing, we have the correct parts in stock ready for repair. 

smartphone screen repair

We like to keep things simple here at Sharif Phone Solutions,this is why we offer fixed price repairs on all Smartphone screen repair services. Whether the screen is completely damaged to a point where the phone is not functional, or if the outer glass has crushed and you would like to replacing, we have the correct parts in stock ready for repair. 

We only use genuine manufacturer parts and offer a 1 year warranty for the repair. We have a rapid instant turnaround time which is usually only 1 day. Within this time frame, we repair your phone and post it back to you.

smartphone flashing

smartphone flashing

A phone is considered to be dead when it becomes completely unresponsive and refuses to switch on. Similarly, an Android phone is said to be dead when it does not boot up. You may try to switch it on several times by pressing the power button but in vain. You will see no sign of the phone’s logo or anything like a welcome screen. The Android phone’s screen remains black and does not illuminate when you try to turn it on. Interestingly, even when you charge this dead device, it does not show that it is getting charged.

Many people regard this as a battery issue and many think of it as a temporary software crash. Some users also seem to believe that this is because of a virus attack. However, if you are looking for ways which tell you how to fix the dead Android phone, you must understand that a dead phone or device can be cured by flashing a custom firmware safely. If you are keen to know, how to flash a dead Android phone or how to flash dead Android phones using PC . we offer both free and paid firmware. contact us now, we are to help you out.


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